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One membership with ClubAV8 gives you access to all member network aircraft and easier access to flightlines at schools and FBO’s – all over the country.

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PILOTS – Eliminate the costs attached to owning an airplane.  Pick up your airplane wherever you are, just like rental cars.

OWNERS – Decrease your expenses by allowing our qualified, vetted and insured pilots to rent your airplane.  You remain in charge and choose when it is available.  

Everyone knows that airplanes are happier and healthier when they fly more often.

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We can lower your cost of ownership – On your terms.

Member pilots are ready and qualified to fly your airplane.   You decide when the aircraft is available, how much management provide and what income level you want.

A happy airplane leaves an Empty Hangar behind.

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Make Flying Fun again. 

Go flying whenever you want for a fraction of the cost of owning an airplane and none of the hassles of:  borrowing a friend's plane, checkrides at every rental company, every time and very few locations to choose from.  Join ClubAV8 and Let’s Go Flying!

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IN THE USA  CALL:   813-440-9806  

In the USA - Call: 813-440-9806